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Winter in Viareggio-Pisa

Viareggio-Pisa, Italy

Through my shipyard visit in Viareggio-Pisa, Italy I was met by beautiful rain and lovely clouds. There is something special about the rain. How does it makes you feel to live in a place that constantly rains? You either become obsessed with sunshine or you are eternally sad because of your lack of the sunshine.

However, when you live in a place like Viareggio-Pisa, Italy your spirits will always be lifted by the lovely architecture and beautiful design aspects of the city. My trip to visit the shipyard was a business trip with a client of mine and we we discussed design features for a new super yacht. Custom designing the interior of his super yacht was one of the most fantastic privileges of my job. The sleek luxurious feel of super yachts combined with the ancient royal nature of Italian design makes for a marvelous combination which anybody would absolutely adore.

Traveling through Italy has helped me in bringing that special style into his super yacht. When you walk into the super yachts in the seaside city of Viareggio-Pisa, Italy it reminds you of that venetian style of petite woods and fancy fabrics. Living the life you want to live starts with loving the things you do. I truly can say that I love my journeys and I love the amounts of learning I do every day. I never stop exploring new design options and learning new techniques. Viareggio-Pisa, Italy has inspired my passion to be the best me that I can possibly be



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