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Tel Aviv and Jerusalem


Business trips into the holy city of Jerusalem and the capital city of Tel Aviv are always filled with adventure, spirit, wisdom, and culture. I love walking in the footsteps of the holy prophets of the past like Jesus, Moses,and Mohammed. When you travel the journey of Jesus and visit the church of Annunciation where he perform the miracle of turning water into wine, your spirit will be lifted with the power of Christ. Sometimes I tell myself I truly love my job because I am able to stand in the shadow of Jesus and bring that design and feeling into of your home.

There is no greater feeling than being connected to the past. To feel as if you have a direct link with history is a great nurturing moment for your soul. How would it make you feel to have the decor of ancient institutions brought into your home.

Having the beautiful seaside city of Hurghada, capital city of Tel Aviv and holy city of Jerusalem makes Israel an all in one destination that is to die for. I find the complex diversity of Israel being a plush Desert Seaside country and religious destination makes Israel the perfect metaphor for the perfect interior design. Complexity is not always good, but complexity done in a certain way can provide each room in your house with a themed appearance. At the same time all themes can flow naturally into each other as if you're telling a story similar to how Israel tells the story of our past.

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