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Hawaii, U.S.A

Hawaii is a place that pulls you in, and never lets you go. I love Hawaii, not for its beautiful scenery, but I love Hawaii for being a country that taught me how to surf, and scuba dive. These are two activities that have truly helped me become an independent person in this world. The Hawaiian design is really flavorful, and expresses a colorful and clean image at the same time. The Hawaiian style of architecture and design really comes from its rich history of being a kingdom. The royal kings and queens of Hawaiian past were always decked out in opulent royal colors. While traveling in Hawaii I took design hints from Mother Earth everywhere I went.

Mother Nature always provides you with a unique twist for any interior design option. Whether you want the tiki bar in your living room or the lush Hawaiian garden in your hallways. Hawaii provides many options and styles to draw from that can give your home a vibrant island atmosphere that will keep you feeling young and fresh. When you take a stroll into a hidden lagoon and see crystal clear waters in Hawaii, your mind will drift into a trance that you will experience nowhere else. When you come home from that hard day of work, Hawaiian design will allow you to plop down in your living room and be the king or queen of the jungle.

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