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Paris is always a good idea.

Paris, France

Paris is a land of luxury and parisian decor is no exception. My adventures into Paris have shown me how to fully create the Parisian decor in your home, condo, or villa. Parisian decor starts with a deep respect of the history. If your space is limited and you still want to have the grand feel of Parisian design, than you are in luck. French design is about respecting the elegance of the space while maintaining practical luxury.

The juxtaposition of grand luxury and tight spaces come together in brilliant fashion when you adopt an eclectic approach. While traveling through France, I began to learn that having the largest home isn't always a prerequisite to create a luxurious living space. What matters most is attention to detail.

Often times, you can create a luxurious interior design with effortless fashion. The disheveled, french interior that isn't to curated can provide you with a marvelous appearance. The french term Laissez-faire can be applied to interiors in a remarkable way. The care free, keep it simple philosophy can bring out the subtleties of true luxury.

The romantic landmarks, statement architecture and coveted fashions, are a grand source of inspiration for sophisticated interior decor. While experiencing the culture and lifestyles of the french people, I learned many tricks and tips on how to design interior spaces in french style.

One important tip for designing a Parisian interior is to be bright. Having good lighting can really make a space shine. A good chandelier or hanging lights can really add tremendous value to your space. When good lighting is contrasted against contemporary colors, you really bring out the coveted juxtaposition that is a staple of Parisian interior design.

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