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Cozy Up Indoors this Autumn with These Luxe Design Tips

As the leaves begin to fall and the vibrant colors of summer slowly fade into rich, warm golds and oranges, it’s time to shift the interior design of your home with the changing seasons. While the colors and textures of autumn draw us into the romanticism of cooler days and cozy nights, they aren’t always easily brought indoors, since they are quite bold and can easily clash when not used skillfully.

This is one of the many times when the advice of a professional interior designer becomes essential for decorating your home. If you plan to cozy up indoors this autumn and decorate for this transformational time of year, consider these luxe design tips from our world-renowned interior designer, Angie Wetzel.

Let There Be Light

While an autumn color palette tends to lean on rich and deeper hues, don’t neglect lighter shades. Dark orange, rust tones, and olive greens are undeniably gorgeous this time of year, but don’t just start purchasing every pumpkin-colored piece of décor that you find in the showroom.

The key is to be highly intentional with your color selections and create balance by not overdoing heavy hues.

A light misty grey sectional sofa looks beautiful with ginger and sugary mauve throw pillows. A soft weathered oak sideboard exudes sophistication when topped with a burgundy bouquet of dahlias and roses and a glass amber pumpkin figurine.

This is why incorporating neutral-colored furniture into your home, in general, can work incredibly well through the different seasons. Consider the impact of upgrading deceptively basic clothing items with a fabulous statement belt and handbag. The same effect can be achieved through your interior design.

Embrace Your Home’s Exterior

If you live in an environment where you are fortunate enough to have stunning views of the autumnal environment, let these panoramas do their jobs with ease. There is no need to fight against the outdoors by filling your space with bold colors.

Instead, install floor-to-ceiling windows and stick with furniture in rich, warm wood tones and cozy, neutral fabrics. This allows your space to blend with the surrounding nature in the manner of biophilic dreams.

Decorate with Nature

To expand upon the concept of biophilia in your autumn interiors, incorporate natural materials. As we shift away from bamboo, straw, wicker, and seashell materials of summer, consider reclaimed wood, stone tiles, and pinecones.

Embody a sense of adventure by branching out from standard smooth, orange pumpkins. While we certainly love these varieties, your home may flow more seamlessly with dusty green Jarrahdale, white Cotton Candies, warty Black Futsus, or heavily lobed Fairytales. Get creative with texture and shape when stopping by your local pumpkin patch this year to bring texture and interest into your space.

Play with Juxtaposing Textures

Texture is paramount in interior design with so much power to make a subtle yet profound impact on the untrained eye. The following pieces can add swoon-worthy textural elements to your home with minimal effort:

  • Lounge chairs

  • Tablecloths

  • Throw rugs, blankets, and pillows

  • Lamp shades

  • Curtains

A fur rug would look delicious messily draped over an antique bench while an autumn-hued velvet lamp shade can elevate a sleek, modern lamp. Nowadays, you can easily find pillows and blankets of textures from waffle knit to sherpa and curtains made of linen or satin.

Different woods, stones, and other materials will also present different textures, but it often takes education and training to seamlessly pair these pieces with their subtly varying colors and patterns That’s why working with a luxury interior design firm, such as InterLux Interiors, is massively impactful when it comes to creating an enchanting coziness within your home.

Empower the Hearth

There are few home elements cozier than a roaring fireplace, so make sure to pay special attention to this energy center of your space. If you don’t already have a fireplace that you are in love with, InterLux Interiors can help you design a spectacular source of warmth.

The hearth is the energy center of the home, especially in the cooler months.

Whether you would like to build a high ceiling see-through fireplace or a more traditional brick with a mantel for further seasonal décor, we will help you create a hearth that always burns bright.

Depending on your style, you may select marble, a stunning mosaic tile, black stone, or something more minimal. Your fireplace can be the focal point of the room or blend more seamlessly into the background.

Keep Candles Glowing

Fire by no means must be limited to the fireplace. If you live in a place where it’s often too hot to turn on the fireplace, like our sunny hometown of Tampa, Florida, you don’t have to sacrifice the comforting and pleasurable impact of flickering flames. Just adorn your home with candles! An arrangement of tapered candles and contemporary holders looks lovely in any area of the home. Places to consider surrounding with the soft glow of candlelight include your:

  • Bathtub

  • Bed

  • Fireplace mantel

  • Coffee table

  • Dining table

  • Sideboard

Candlelight can elevate any space, especially if you select natural wax with non-toxic essential oil scents.

Fall in Love with Luxury Interiors from InterLux

Every year as autumn gently approaches, we crave leaving summer behind for a cozier and more intimate environment within the home. From high fashion duster coats to cozy sherpa throws to beautiful ceramic bowls full of pinecones, we love this magical season.

You don’t have to make massive changes to your space to have a huge impact, especially when you have a stunning and clean foundation to build upon. That’s why working with a luxury interior designer is the best way to ensure your home stays classic and sophisticated through every season. Create an enchanting space that can seamlessly evolve with the times with InterLux Interiors.

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