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What Qualities to Look for in a Luxury Interior Designer

Paving the path of a career in luxury interior design is no easy task, as it is full of many obstacles as well as an endlessly shifting current of what is trending and the technologies that are available. A skilled interior designer will have a relentless drive and passion for his or her craft that only grows as he or she reaches peak heights of the field.

When selecting an interior designer to work with for your next important project, it’s essential to do your research and investigate if the person has what it takes to meet your needs. Every piece of architecture has different dimensions and style, so you need to work with a designer who is both experienced and flexible in their skillset.

In this design journal, our team shares what qualities to look for when seeking an interior design artist. This is the most important step in bringing your dream home to life. Your interior designer...

  • Embraces a wide range of styles

  • Is inspired by everything, everywhere

  • Knows there is always more to learn

  • Is brave

  • Spends time with color and lighting

  • Skillfully co-ordinates the project

  • Welcomes new technologies

  • Understands space and its function

  • Forms a strong concept

  • Never loses passion

Let’s explore.

1. Your Interior Designer Embraces a Wide Range of Styles

The most skilled designers refrain from sticking to a cookie-cutter mold for each project. While they likely have a unique flair or edge to their work, they are capable of shifting and molding to a diverse array of styles, aesthetics, and techniques.

With so many styles to explore, from Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian to more niche Industrial, Rustic, or Bohemian, your interior designer should have experience dipping their feet in all of the above. Knowledge of diverse styles will ensure your designer is adaptable and open-minded to limitless possibilities.

He or she will see your home as a blank canvas, ready to combine your ideas, your home’s needs and style as well as their expertise into an original and sophisticated masterpiece.

2. Your Interior Designer is Inspired by Everything, Everywhere

All that our senses take in, wherever we go, has the power to inspire us through a spark of emotion or creativity. Your designer notices beauty and patterns where others may miss them. Their heightened senses will allow them to take in all kinds of inspiration, whether from their contemporaries, the latest trends in Architectural Digest, or the spectacular essence of nature itself.

Our lead designer, Angie Wetzel, discovers powerful influence from art and nature, and most notably, from her travels. She acknowledges the powerful inspiration within all of the creation that has come before our present time and often works to expand upon what is already there.

Curious to read about Angie’s travels? > Read her DNA

3. Your Interior Designer Knows There is Always More to Learn

There is always more to discover, analyze, and learn about the art of interior design. The most skilled designers are continuously fine-tuning their craft and eye for details, such as how colors function together, spatial awareness, and visualization.

Trends are consistently evolving; designers should evolve with them.

This requires a designer to consistently keep up with what is occurring within not only the interior design industry, but also the art, fashion, architecture, landscape, and construction industries.

4. Your Interior Designer is Brave

The boldest and best interior design artists recognize that not everyone needs to like everything they do, and they don’t let this discourage their creativity. They take the time to learn from mistakes, communicate a client’s vision, and distinguish opportunities to experiment and times when it’s best to not get overly adventurous.

Like any artist, an interior designer is determined to remain courageous in his or her designs, knowing this is truly the only way to embody, elevate, and perfect their craft.

5. Your Interior Designer is Careful to Spend Time with Color & Lighting

Early on in his or her career, a promising interior designer learns that it is crucial to spend time observing and analyzing color in a space before executing the overall design approach. Colors must be selected carefully, as they have a massive impact on the overall mood of a space. Your interior designer should know that colors appear differently beneath different light sources – quite dramatically.

The combination of color and lighting makes the difference between a space that is stuffy and uncomfortable versus intimate and cozy.

When you find an interior designer to work with, they should explain their process with lighting and color. It should be clear to you, the client, that this is a significant part of their work with your space.

6. Your Interior Designer Skillfully Co-ordinates the Project

While selecting colors and light fixtures is a big part of the job of an interior designer, one of the key aspects of their work is organizing the various stages of design and construction. Early on in the project, an expert interior designer will communicate with any other consultants involved in the project.

Your interior designer must be an artist, but it is also important that they are a leader and entrepreneurial in spirit. They should have connections with the best in the business and quickly be able to unpack and consider any challenges that might occur through their engagement with contractors.

While it’s great to have stunning schematics and concepts laid out before you, none of that matters if you don’t have the team to bring it to life.

7. Your Interior Designer Welcomes New Technologies

Technology is rapidly evolving, especially in the world of interior design. Architectural and design applications such as 3D model walkthroughs are now a common way that interior designers communicate ideas to clients, so your interior designer should have these kinds of capabilities. At InterLux Interiors, many of our services include 3D visualizations of your design schemes.

Technological advancements go far beyond the logistics of interior design. New technologies and smart devices may be incorporated into your space to improve functionality and interaction. Whether you plan to design a corporate environment, hotel, office, or home, your interior designer should stay on top of the latest trends and developments.

8. Your Interior Designer Understands Space and Its Function

Interior design is different than many other art forms because, in this world, function is equally as important as form. The best interior designers are experts at bringing both into the picture without sacrificing one for the other.

Every space has a purpose, and a good interior designer will make a large effort to fully understand this purpose to develop a design strategy.

A stunning and aesthetic space is only as successful as its intended functionality.

9. Your Interior Designer is Dedicated to Forming a Strong Concept

A good interior designer will not justify their vision with phrases such as “it looks lovely.” A design strategy should have deep intentionality, meaning, and significance from the start. The interior designer you work with should be able to justify why certain decisions are made.

They will keep the client engaged throughout the process and have thoughtful, well-formed reasoning for every decision made throughout the process.

10. Your Designer Never Loses Passion for Their Craft

No matter what career or industry you examine, there will be challenges and less glamorous sides to the word. The best interior designers recognize that what sets them apart from others is their ability to embrace challenges to reach their goals and passions to create the most fabulous designs.

Invest in the Best for Your Space with InterLux Interiors

Upgrading a space is a big investment, which is why it’s essential to know you’ll be in good hands when hiring a designer. At InterLux Interiors, our team holds every project to the highest quality standards and maintains all of the previously mentioned qualities with fervent determination.

Whatever kind of space you are designing, working with a luxury interior designer ensures your expectations will be met and your vision will come to life. Contact our design team today to start the journey toward your new space.

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