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High Design: Mixing Multiple Patterns in a Single Space

Patterns are the spice of design, from the organic textures of natural materials to printed textiles making bold, colorful statements. Using multiple patterns in a room may feel intimidating, but with a few tricks, you can seamlessly coordinate patterns that bring out the best in one another.

At InterLux Interiors, we’ve learned through years of experience how shapes, scales, and colors can complement each other, taking on entirely new life. Follow our tips below to effectively mix multiple patterns in one room.


Design Tip No. 1 - Decide on a Color Palette

In our opinion, the best way to begin the process of mixing patterns is to first decide on a color palette. If you have a determined common thread to work from, it becomes easier to choose prints that flatter each other. When putting together a color palette, keep the following in mind:

  • Use colors with the same hue intensity. Don’t mix pastel patterns with vibrant jewel-tone patterns or muted neutral patterns

  • Choose tone-on-tone patterns that can help give a neutral-colored room more depth and character

If you’re ready to liven up your home with extraordinary design, reach out to our team today!

Design Tip No. 2 - Mix Up the Pattern Types

Using too many items with similar patterns can be visually distracting and fail to achieve the look you’re going for. Instead, focus on combining different kinds of patterns such as an organic pattern that has movement and curves with a geometric pattern that has repetitive lines and grids.

Choose a color palette as the common thread among your patterns.

Design Tip No. 3- Give Patterns Room to Breathe

This is an important key to ensuring your chosen patterns don’t overwhelm the space. If using a monochrome sofa, get creative with different kinds of textures for the pillows. If you’re using a large, boldly patterned rug, maybe stick with a single color on most of the walls with an accent wall that ties it all in.

Design Tip No. 4- Adjust the Scales

Oversized everything may appear slightly overwhelming to the eye. When the scales of the selected patterns vary, larger prints read more like pops of color when juxtaposed against smaller prints. This can make the smaller prints read almost as “neutrals”, giving you more options than plain colors for your neutral areas.

Utilizing different scales of patterns in a single space will ensure chosen textures don’t compete with one another. If starting with a duvet that has a large-scale print, try choosing throw pillows with a smaller, more detailed pattern to place against it.

Small, finely detailed patterns read as neutrals when up against big statement patterns. Play with scale!

Design Tip No. 5- There Are No Rules

Although we’ve been listing rules to follow, when it comes to mixing patterns, there really are no rules! Feel the freedom to experiment and pick patterns that speak to you. Subtle patterns can help round out a design, but choosing bold patterns can add an exuberant and light-hearted effect to any space.

Sometimes a kick of bright and bold textures are all you need to breathe new life into a room. If you love it, then go for it. Since this is your project, and your space to dwell in, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks! Make it yours.

Be Bold with InterLux Interiors

Whether you have ideas in mind for your home redesign or are looking to start from scratch, our team will help you douse your space in luxury. From selecting wallpapers to pillowcase textiles, we’ll find the patterns that make you feel alive.

With over 15 years of experience working on luxury design projects around the globe, we have what it takes to breathe your design dreams into existence. Contact our team today to learn more!

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