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Namaste, and welcome to the lovely country of India. A place where magical sites and magical smells, enter your mind and never leave. My journey to the industrious country of India started with a work trip back in 2005. The spirituality of India lofts in the air and permeates everything and everyone within the country. While working in India, I developed a sense of how spirituality and design can fuse together to create a marvelous effect.

Designing the hotel in Agra was a dream come true. Indian interior design is a combination of an ancient look, modern luxuries, and spiritual decorations. The design gives you the feeling of being free, and at one with the earth. My time spent in India during the year of 2010 will be with me for the rest of my life.

As we worked on designing the hotel, I was able to get away for a bit and explore the authentic India. The Taj Mahal was even more impressive in person then it is in photos. It’s beauty and structure is so overwhelming that your bodily senses won’t be able to continue themselves. I fought back tears of joy and beauty as I toured the great palace. Ever since this visit, it has been my goal as an interior designer to bring the same emotions to my clients when they view their finished projects. Good design is an emotional experience. Visually, something can be unique, but real design evokes thought, dramas, inspiration, and greatness.

Shoes wrapped before entering

The castle of love

Beautiful court yard

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