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Thailand, April 2018

Working on a yacht project is an amazing experience that most interior designers only dream of. I will admit that working on this project while sailing around the Phang Nga Bay was a bit distracting. The scenic surroundings draw your attention like a moth to a flame. It is always a pleasure when you get to fully experience a place that you have designed. Getting to enjoy 5 star staff and service was a real treat. The feeling is very surreal.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wander around inside a plush luxury yacht? Take a look at my photos and you will see why the experience truly changed my life.

For this project we decided to stay in tune with the modern British yacht style. It is a very luxurious look that consist of plush white and soft blues. The bright and breezy décor offers up a serene yacht interior. Every imaginative detail was custom designed by me to create a truly luxurious experience. Onboard this vessel, we created a cosy and conventional or minimalist design that exudes elegance, quality and comfort.

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