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Welcome Spring with These 2022 Blossoming Interior Trends

The bees are buzzing, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming. Spring is officially in the air, and many of us have been desperately craving its presence throughout these past few months. As more studies reveal the importance of nature for our well-being, unifying interior design with the outdoors continues to grow as a prominent design trend.

After several years of spending far too much time indoors, we are investing more time, energy, and care to develop homes that instill a sense of safety and inspiration within. From implementing biophilic design principles to building sanctuaries of self-care, here are ways to help your space blossom this spring from our top interior designers.

Trend #1: Bring in Biophilia

Biophilia, essentially meaning “love of life,” has seen a surge of employment over recent years, and it’s safe to say that it’s officially ‘trending.’

Biophilic design merges the indoors with the external environment, reminding us that we exist within a greater ecosystem and blessing us with the soothing comfort of nature.

By utilizing natural, sustainable materials in your home, such as a rattan bookcase or an upcycled dresser, you invite the raw calm of the natural world untouched into your space. Bring more plants into your space to freshen up the air as well as add evolving movement and living energy that will undoubtedly shower you with peace.

Trend #2: Grow Your Fairy-Tale Garden

While bringing the outdoors in, don’t forget to adorn the natural world living around your home. In the past, gardens have served as a utility space for growing food or for a purely aesthetic purpose such as botanical gardens. But as we spend more time at home, many people want their backyard to act as an extension of their indoor spaces with an intimate and cozy essence.

In addition to building a greenhouse or developing a vegetable patch in your outdoor oasis, consider decorating with the same eye you would apply indoors. Softer upholstery, magical lighting, charming daybeds or swings, and fire pits can add a serene element of escape to your garden.

Trend #3: Color Your World with Shades of Greens

In addition to bringing greenery into your home with living plants, consider incorporating fresh and revitalizing pops of green into your home. Whether on your walls, furniture, or décor, the color green draws us nearer to the comforting simplicity of the natural environment.

Whether the tranquil tones of olive or sage, the deep emerald greens of dark academia, or the playful punch of mint or lime, there is a shade to fit your style.

The range of shades and character of the general color ‘green’ gives us the opportunity to apply our own creative touch and personality. We can create the dreamworld we crave and attract all of our desires. After all, green represents growth, wealth, and stability.

Trend #4: Brighten Up with Pastels and Colorful Danish Décor

If you can’t get enough of the beautiful colors of nature, pastels such as lilacs, bubblegum pink, and eggshell yellow will brighten anyone’s day with a pop of joy. Vases for your spring flowers to pristinely tapered candles will add a sense of child-like joy to your home.

Trend #5: Promote Quality Time with an Open-Floor Plan

To move freely around your home with ease and functionality, consider renovating your space to have an open layout. This will allow energy to flow seamlessly throughout your living area while you shift without hesitation between eating, working, exercising, socializing and relaxing. This will also help encourage a sense of biophilia as an open-floor plan tends to allow for more window light to diffuse throughout the space.

An open-floor plan will make it easier to nourish relationships within your family since everyone shares a space.

Additionally, spending quality time with your family will become much easier. It is so important to nourish the well-being of family dynamics. An open-floor plan allows you to interact with family members while multi-tasking on cooking dinner or cleaning.

Trend #6: Organize with Intention

While you don’t need to strip your home of all of your belongings, you should make an effort to display your items with intention. Even the scrub brush you use to clean your dishes can be beautifully stored on a ceramic sink top organizer.

As the ultimate spring clean, 2022 will give you the time to mindfully organize your space. Consider investing in items that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional such as floating shelves, a standing-sitting desk with drawers, a convertible coffee table desk, or a bed with pull-out storage drawers and built-in shelving. Get creative with how you take advantage of your space.

Trend #7: Create a Sacred Space for Self-Care

‘Self-spaces,’ rooms that will be dedicated to self-care are expected to take center-stage in home renovations in the upcoming months.

More people are prioritizing their health and wellness above all else and are often dedicating entire rooms to practice self-care rituals.

Whether you create a minimal and soothing Shala for yoga and meditation or a spa-inspired bathroom to complete your 12-step skincare routine, creating a space in your home for yourself might be selfish but not in a bad way. Your wellness is your most important asset, so take care of it.

Trend #8: Make a Path for Flow with Feng Shui

Feng shui doesn’t exactly qualify as a ‘trend,’ since it’s actually a 3000-year-old ancient Chinese art and science. This practice truly incorporates elements of all the previously mentioned trends, as it prioritizes the health of a space to encourage the health of the person.

Feng shui teaches how to balance the elemental energies (wood, water, Earth, fire, and metal) of a room. When properly implemented, these laws for spatial arrangement and orientation promote positive energy, stability, wealth, and good fortune. Try incorporating plants, soft lighting, and natural colors, and take a break from the digital world, especially before and after bed. This practice will help you create a sense of harmony between yourself and your home.

Bring Your Home to Life with Interlux Interiors

Whether incorporating elements of nature or adorning yourself and your space with care and intention, this spring offers the perfect opportunity to blossom within your home.

If you’re feeling that it’s time for rejuvenation and rebirth within your space, Interlux Interiors can help breathe new life into your interior design.

Contact our globally-renowned interior designers at Interlux Interiors to start your journey to the new personal world of your home.

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