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Seafarers' Style: What's Trending in Yacht Design in 2022

Sleek lines. Luxury finishes. Minimalist design. With an emphasis on organic shapes and textures, the yacht design trends for 2022 borrow key concepts from the past while looking towards the future.

Though dark brooding interiors were popular in the past, as we begin a new year, the trends for yacht interior design include larger windows, neutral tones, and a combination of matte and shiny finishes to create the perfect backdrop for enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Our interior designers at Interlux Interiors discuss what is on-trend in yacht design, so you can inspire and turn heads out on the water with sophisticated elegance in 2022!


The Palette

Unlike many minimalist interiors that favor pure white, a warm and neutral color palette with complementing natural hues is the trending palette for 2022.

No longer seen as boring, beige is making a comeback in interior design as it provides a serene neutral tone upon which to design around with natural textures and pops of color for visual interest. Champagne and other beige tones add understated elegance, while black or gray accents can add just a touch of drama without taking over the space.

Cooler muted pinks, blues, and greens warmed up with wooden accents and earthy textures can also make a statement. Brighter pops of color can also be incorporated, but only minimally as to not interrupt the harmony of the minimal design.

Natural Textures & Elements

For 2022, natural textures and accents are on-trend, so make sure to include natural elements onboard! High-quality furniture constructed with lighter-toned wood and exposed grain, matched with textured fabrics like linen, brings an understated yet natural feel to the interior.

Bamboo and leather are a favorite to add warmth to a yacht’s interior and create a space that truly feels like a home away from home.

Lighter-toned woods for the flooring, wall coverings, and ceiling, create a homey natural atmosphere. Remember, texture is key. Add interest to the space with complementary natural textures and materials such as linen cushions, fuzzy rugs, living plants, or a statement art piece. Furthermore, incorporate leather into your yacht’s interior for a casual yet luxurious look.

Luxury Finishes

2022 is all about infusing interiors with natural elements such as wood, metal, stone, and glass. Bronze or black metals are taking the place of polished stainless steel and add a refined look to any space.

Engineered stone is a great alternative to natural stone and is durable, non-porous, and offers unique patterns to choose from.

In the galley, forgo shiny stainless surfaces, instead, choose relaxing matte finishes. Opt for thoughtful metal accents to add visual interest and be bold! Combine various textures like wood, concrete, stone, and glass to make a statement.

Luxury head (bathroom) designs remain a focus in 2022. Choose white quartz or marble for a timeless and sophisticated touch. Including complementary wood and metal accents can create an instantly luxurious look.

Blending layers of complementary materials and textures adds dimension, style, and drama to a luxury yacht’s interior.


Because space is key within a yacht’s interior, multifunctional spaces provide versatility and flexibility no matter how many guests you are hosting.

A foldable dining table can transform into a sofa table or a breakfast bar to allow for an open space, perfect for a gathering. Keep in mind, these pieces should not only fit the space and offer functionality, but they should be visually interesting and appealing as well.

Sleek solid cabinet doors that hide shelves and the items within are on-trend for 2022, as well as floor-to-ceiling galley cabinets.

If you prefer a more modern look, opt for low cabinets without upper cabinetry for a spacious minimal look.

Sleek Lighting

Do not underestimate the importance of stellar lighting in yacht design. Try to highlight natural lighting wherever possible, and endeavor to keep windows unblocked so ample light shines through.

Technology like fiber optic lighting has many advantages for yacht interiors as it is heat-free, simple to install, and easily maintained. Fiber optic lighting also offers a variety of colors and programmable settings that can shift to party mode at the touch of a button.

Simplicity is the overarching theme for 2022 yacht lighting, as simple lighting designs blend perfectly into the modern interior. Choose low-profile fixtures with soft colors, or linear fixtures and track lights to bring harmony and elegant intentional light to the space.

Turn Heads on the Water with Interlux Interiors

2022 luxury yacht interior design will be accented by modern and contemporary styles with bold lines, warm wood tones, and infusions of natural elements to create a luxurious yet relaxing atmosphere on board.

Our designers at Interlux Interiors take inspiration from the surrounding natural environment allowing for a seamless indoor/outdoor flow, while also letting the interior design be a focal point on its own.

Make a statement out on the water with Interlux Interiors, where we turn ordinary into extraordinary. Schedule a design consultation with our designer, Angie P. Wetzel today.

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