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Harmonious Homes: Why Invest in Beautiful Architecture & Interior Design

At InterLux Interiors, our high-end designs are perfectly suited for the most stunning architecture. In fact, head designer Angie Wetzel often finds inspiration by exploring architecture around the globe. When it comes to luxury interior design, less is often more. In fact, a lot of the aesthetic appeal comes from using high-quality materials and textures within the architecture itself.

An investment in a beautiful, high-quality piece of property is far more than just a pretty place to kick your feet up. In this article, we explore why beautiful architectural renovations are a genius investment and the best blank canvas for an interior design project. Your harmonious home awaits...

1. Your Property Will Make an Incredible First Impression for Visitors (and Potential Buyers)

Any real estate agent can tell you that a home’s exterior is a major deciding factor for the majority of homeowners. Whether you buy a stunning piece of property or renovate an existing piece of architecture, there is strong potential to make a jaw-dropping first impression.

When visitors and potential buyers approach your home, they will first see the lawn and your front door. The paint color you select for your siding, doors, and trim can make a visual statement before your guests even enter the home. A dark near-black exterior can stand out emphasizing crisp lines and architectural details. White with wrought-iron windows creates a sophisticated, yet bright and energized atmosphere.

If you have a front porch, consider the furniture pieces you can incorporate to create an inviting and cozy façade. Install a deep swinging daybed with luxurious cushions or large symmetrical greenery to frame the door. Want to make a quaint and charming impact? Add an antique French bench with transitional iron pendant lanterns.

Whatever you add, be sure to focus on making that perfect first impression.

2. Beautiful Architecture Will Serve as Inspiration for Incredible Interior Design

The key to designing the interior of an already brilliant house is to select pieces that compliment what’s already there! Although this sounds like an easy task, it may require a lot of custom furniture design and meticulously curated décor. While this might be a challenge for the average person, fortunately, it’s a luxury interior designer’s dream. At InterLux Interiors, we hand select only the finest quality goods and work with our network of skilled artisan vendors to curate your dream space.

3. Your Guests Will Never Want to Leave

If you love hosting friends and family for extravagant parties or laid-back gatherings, upgrade your home’s architecture and they will never want to leave! People love to spend time in beautiful places, especially if you find ways to incorporate nature into your abode, as it can promote a sense of wellbeing and safety.

Beautiful architecture promotes a sense of wellbeing and safety.

Great architecture is also a great way to jumpstart a conversation. You’ll have the history of your house and the progress of its grandiosity to share, and you may learn about stunning developments from other people in your community.

For additional entertainment options, consider incorporating an irresistible outdoor kitchen. A full outdoor kitchen equipped with plumbing, electricity, and gas is hard to pass up for hungry guests.

Our luxury interior designers will help you develop an outdoor space that fits your needs and suits the style of your home, so you can sink back and take in the gorgeous views of nature. Contact our team today.

4. Good Architecture Increases the Longevity of Your Home

The best architectures create homes with high-quality materials, thoughtful care, and detailed precision. With a combination of skills and knowledge, an architect will develop a home that will last a long time at the lowest possible price.

Are you ready to invest in your dream house? Contact InterLux Interiors for our network of architects and industry professionals who we work with to bring your vision into reality.

5. Interior Architecture Impacts Your Daily Well-Being and Productivity

Good design is simple, functional, and beautiful. By incorporating simplistic yet impactful details such as box-beam ceilings, crown molding, custom built-ins, and more, you can provide your space with an entirely new level of sophistication. Small details in your surroundings impact your psychological well-being more than you may realize. Who doesn’t feel good being in a beautiful environment?

We suggest incorporating as much natural light as possible into your architecture, as this can boost your mood, productivity, and overall sense of being. High or vaulted ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows can elevate your space.

Inspiration Awaits > The Psychology of Interior Design

Invest in a Spirit-Satisfying Space with InterLux Interiors

Whether you’re buying, building, or renovating a property, investing in a beautiful space is always a good idea. Making improvements to your house, whether architecturally or with the furniture and décor, can not only be a smart financial move, but it can also improve your well-being and ease of daily living.

Our designers at InterLux Interiors are passionate about creating beauty everywhere we go. Contact our world-renowned team today to manifest your vision of life tomorrow!

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