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InterLux Interiors Specializes in Modern Luxury Residential and Commercial Interior Design.


Led by Angie Wetzel, founder and principal designer, InterLux Interiors™ is an innovative, full service, Florida-based interior design firm, priding itself on creating outstanding interiors reflecting not only the needs of each client, but their specific lifestyle and budget while providing the highest level of personal service. Specializing in new construction and remodeling, the firm has direct access to a wide range of design trends and industry resources. InterLux Interiors™ serves the New York City area, as well as Central and South Florida.

Modern living room with large fireplace
InterLux Interiors' mission is to bring its love of great design to each client’s unique space, creating harmony, balance and beauty, providing an environment that evokes a state of well-being and a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, all driven by the exclusive desires and individual needs of each client.


Angie has been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients from different industries. Innovative design is at the heart of every project she creates.  Angie creates spaces that are functional and stylish, and that honor the client’s individual style. She strives to understand her client’s needs and lifestyle, which informs her design decisions.

This understanding of what is needed for each client has led to a successful track record in both commercial and residential projects. These have included hotels, restaurants, offices, high-end residences and high-rise condominiums, as well as luxury yachts.

As an internationally recognized interior designer, Angie Wetzel has over 20 years of experience in designing projects for commercial and residential clients. She has mastered her craft through extensive study of design principles and by collaborating with many designers, architects, engineers, and contractors.


Exceedingly inventive Interior Designer

Angie Wetzel
Angie Wetzel
Founder & Principal Designer
BFA Interior Design
MA Interior and Spatial Design

Angie Wetzel, a renowned Interior Designer with a distinguished academic background from London, is celebrated for her unparalleled work in the field. As an esteemed allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers, she boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience, spanning over 20 years across the globe.


What sets Angie apart is her unique approach to design, which she views as a form of poetry, harnessing emotions and stirring the senses to create a space that evokes grandeur and depth. Her designs are born of a quest for perfection, where even the most minimalistic touches can speak volumes. She believes that it's not just about visual aesthetics but also about how the space makes you feel.


Creating what she calls "Invisible Design," Angie weaves together natural and cultural elements seamlessly, orchestrating every subtlety to craft a compelling ambiance that transcends the obvious. Her designs are an exquisite composition, where form and function merge unobtrusively, resulting in a lasting impact that is momentary yet meaningful.

Explore Her Journey

Explore the designer's DNA and what inspires her for every design project around the world.

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