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We believe in collaboration. Earn up to $20,000 USD on each interior design contract won or generated sale.

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Please fill this form and tell us about the project you would like to refer. We will confirm when the project is under contract, and send your referral fee when a deposit from the client is received.


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Be aware of the tax responsibilities associated with referral fees.

    •    If a referrer receives $600 or more in referral fees within a calendar year, they must pay taxes on the amount they receive.
    •    If you pay a referrer more than $600 in a calendar year, it’s your responsibility to collect a W-9 form from them and issue a 1099 to them.
    •    However, if it’s a previous customer doing the referring, the amount you pay to the referrer can be considered a “refund,” “discount,” or “rebate” on a previous purchase.

How To Participate
Tax and legal implications

Also, keep in mind that referral fees are not legal for all industries, so you’ll need to do some research to make sure you don’t set up an illicit system. Highly regulated industries, such as real estate, financial services, and automotive industries often have state or national laws, or license rules, that do not permit referral fees.

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