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Bali, oh how my heart yearns for Bali. If you haven’t been to this tropical paradise, then you need to go as soon as possible. Everything from the people, to the weather, to the endless free flowing vibes of positive energy makes Bali a unique destination. The Indonesian city of Bali, reminds me of a time when people were free to roam across lands and through boarders without the restriction of a passport. When I am in Bali, all the world's problems seem to be non-existent.

The place has truly taught me the meaning of travel. Being able to experience everything and soak it all up, was truly a wonderful blessing. As a student of design, Bali has taught me many things. The first lesson in interior design that Bali gives us is a lesson in free-flowing energy. The vibes of Bali are perpetuated by the positive surroundings.

The next interior design lesson that Bali has to teaches us is that nature comes first. As our modern lifestyle has been taken over by technology, we forget to incorporate nature and green into our daily routine.

Nature’s power is endless. When in Bali, nature will provide you with anything you need. I love this about Bali, and it also is true paradise for interior designers. If any space is lacking something, or you want to liven things up, add some green into your home. It will work miracles for your energy and healthy. Therefore, when all else fails, grab a plant or tree and add it to your home.

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