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The Importance of Innovative Office Interiors

When examining how to maximize productivity in the workplace, one commonly neglected aspect of your business is interior design. You may see prioritizing your interiors as a low priority within your budget, but in fact, settling for dull features and basic overhead fluorescent lighting could end up costing you millions.

Our experienced team at Interlux Interiors explores the necessity of innovative office interiors for your business, illustrating how great design can motivate you and your team while boosting your brand image and attracting more clients.


Put Yourself First

It is in no way selfish to put your well-being first if you intend to manage a successful business. To provide the best support for your team, your own needs must be met. Each day, you ideally will feel invigorated, aligned, and enthusiastic about finding creative solutions to any problems your team may present to you. After all, your employees rely on you and your experience as much as you rely on them.

A space that emphasizes functionality while maintaining the personality of you and your brand will generate a sense of efficiency, and your business will have data-driven results to show for it.

Boost Your Team’s Mood

If you are a business owner, you know how important overall morale is for the success of your day-to-day operations. If your team feels healthy and taken care of, there's a very high likelihood that they will feel empowered to put forth their best work.

  • If your work environment is constantly providing creative design stimuli for your employees, you will maintain talent retention and keep the inspiration flowing.

  • Creating a cheerful and energizing workplace while providing calming spaces to take a break and avoid burnout should be a top priority.

Keep in mind that adding a plant or two and hanging up a piece of art likely will not get the job done. You need to consider the overall values and goals of your company and create a connection to this vision through the design of your corporate space.

How can you achieve this? Work with a professional corporate interior designer, of course.

Credit: Industrious Coworking Space

Provide Flexibility and Choice

You should personalize spaces depending on their function and the people who occupy them.

  • Implement a variety of quiet spaces for deep work and privacy in contrast to collaboration areas that feel more like local coffee shops rather than boring board rooms with only a table and TV.

  • Delegated spaces for relaxation, such as napping pods or meditation rooms can help employees healthily relieve stress throughout the day.

The Newport Beach Office for the Oppenheim Group, best known for the series Selling Sunset, features a fully serviced lounge area for quick breaks or to unwind at the end of a long day.

Credit: Noel Kleinman of Alex Becheru and Alice Kwan Becheru for Architectural Digest

Giving yourself and your team the sense of freedom of choice allows expression to shine bright, which, with the right talent, will only serve your business.

Prioritize Wellness, Therefore, Productivity

Jim Scalo from the Pittsburgh Business Times suggests “you should run your business like a luxury hotel,” and we couldn't agree more. When you stayed in a luxury hotel, chances are, you didn't want to leave. You likely left with a feeling that you could get used to the memorable pampering and amenities that you were provided.

Your company might not be a hotel, but providing the best amenities and services for your team can leave a similar lasting effect.

Contemplate incorporating some of the following features into your corporate floorplan:

  • Office ergonomics, such as standing desks

  • Appropriate lighting

  • Modern interactive technologies

  • Grounding screen-free breakrooms with biophilic immersive experience

  • Dedicated gym with luxurious bathrooms

  • Café that provides healthy meals

Your employees, customers, and partners alike will have a hard time turning away from a business that meets all of their needs so profoundly. This will foster more loyalty in your organization long term.

Captivate Your Clients

An uninviting environment that lacks personality could push your team away, edging them closer and closer to burnout. What’s more, any potential clients who visit your office may opt to work with another company solely because the energy of their office outshined yours and resonated with them more deeply.

Invest in the Success of Your Business

Your best chance of creating a space that increases returns on investments, elevates productivity and company culture, aligns with your brand vision, and fits within your budget is to work with a professional interior designer.

If you are ready to take your company to the next level, contact Interlux Interiors today.

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