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Ciao Clooney!

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, Italy is a place that I could live forever. The food, the people, the architecture, and everything else is just beyond perfect. The ancestors of the Roman empire have built a city in luxurious and a fabulous fashion. Every year I attend Milan’s largest furniture and design exposition. There is something about Italian design and Italian architecture than you just cannot escape from.

Italian design gives you a feeling that permeates your core and cracks you open from within. While attending the largest furniture and design exposition, I was able to experience the latest and greatest design features from Italian designers all across the world. Italian design is marred with opulent decadence, gold tassels and a royal touch of delicacy that will make anybody feel like emperor Julius Caesar.

How would it make you feel to come back to your home and be the emperor of your castle. Sit in your throne chair and admire your perfect and luxurious Italian living room that gives you the feeling of being the powerful leader that you are. This is the feeling that Italian design can bring to you. Throughout extensive travels and working abroad I have become your go to source for bringing the styles and designs of abroad into your home.

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