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Luxury Lighting Tips for Every Spot in the Home

In any space, proper lighting is the deal-breaker that can level up good design to spectacular design. Out of all of the tools we have at our disposal, lighting is, unfortunately, frequently overlooked by other interior designers. We believe that without proper lighting, the impact of all of the other details and textures of the space will be lost.

“Good” lighting is about far more than floor-to-ceiling windows with plenty of natural sunshine. It’s about creating the essence of a room and delicately weaving those rooms into one another. Through the attentive placement of carefully chosen fixtures and tones, your space can radiate calming feng shui and thoughtful functionality.

In this post, we share our best tips for beautiful lighting design in every room of the home.


A Grand Entrance

When choosing lighting fixtures that flow together, it’s important to find cohesive pieces that blend each space into one another. As the first impression of your home interior, the entryway sets the stage for the lighting throughout your home.

Welcome your return home, as well as any guests, with a warm statement lamp on a console table. Consider choosing a lamp with an interesting material element, such as marble, plaster, glass, or iron, that can be incorporated into the lighting fixtures throughout your home. You can even set the stage for your space with a textural statement lamp in the entryway.

We believe that without proper lighting, the impact of all of the other details and textures of the space will be lost.

Into the Great Room

In a space meant for relaxing, multiple levels of lighting can help establish a cozy ambiance. An overhead fixture draws the eye up to the ceiling, casting a glow across a space while simultaneously acting as an artistic installation. Table lamps, floor lamps, and sconces provide flexibility for lighting adjustments depending on the occasion.

It’s important to use a variety of lighting types in the great room to avoid casting unflattering shadows or creating harshly over-lit sections of the space. A floor lamp can contribute a new element of shape, adding depth and unique structure. Consider a lamp that incorporates the same element that was chosen for the entryway statement lamp.

Cleanly Lit Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking, chances are you spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Even if you’re more drawn towards takeout, a well-lit kitchen is essential for enjoying a healthy meal or entertaining a gathering.

Good kitchen lighting requires merging function and form and can have a huge impact on your enjoyment of this space. One of the most eye-catching lighting elements you can incorporate is a clean line of over-island pendants. You can blend these into your kitchen design or choose artistic, stand-out statement pieces.

Incorporate eye-catching elevated pendants over your island for an instant kitchen makeover.

If you’re unsure of how to incorporate overhead lights, seek out fixtures that match your cabinet hardware. Are you unable to find that perfect pairing? Contact Interlux Interiors today for the stunning interior you’ve always dreamed of!

Dining Lighting

The lighting fixture you choose for your dining room tends to be the primary focal point of this space, so it’s important to choose carefully. At InterLux Interiors, we love utilizing a chandelier directly above the dining table that serves as both an artistic statement and a functional source of illumination.

A dining room and kitchen go hand-in-hand, and the lighting should reflect that by naturally flowing together. Achieve this by picking a cohesive element between your dining and kitchen lighting, such as the material or shape.

A Cozy Refuge Glow

As the first thing you see when you wake up for the day and the last before you drift into dreamland, your bedroom lighting is essential for creating a serene escape. As with many other rooms, start with an overhead chandelier or pendant, and then choose an element for coordination among your secondary lighting selections.

Sconces above the nightstands can act as an alternative to bedside table lamps to save on counter space and create a luxurious retreat-like ambiance.

The Wash Room

While many overlook the importance of quality lighting in the bathroom, it is vital for softening one of the spaces where many spend the most time. If possible, utilizing daylight can help create a beautiful start to the day, trigger your natural circadian rhythms, and provide the best spotlight for makeup and skincare application.

Sconces above the vanity on either side of the mirror create an opportunity for contrasting finishes and adding texture. An over-bath chandelier can add a sense of luxury to normal daily rituals. Furthermore, adding dimmers gives you the control for setting a sultry mood when taking late-night soaks in the tub.

Get the Glow of Your Dreams with InterLux Interiors

While glamorous furniture and finely tuned textural details are essential aspects of great design, none of these components matter if unaccompanied by proper lighting. A beautiful glow can set the mood to make your space truly shine. With good lighting in your design, you will shine too.

Head Designer, Angie Wetzel has over 15+ years of experience designing luxury spaces on both land and sea, with countless commercial, residential, and yacht clients.

Do you live for luxury? We do too. If you’re ready to redesign your space and spend your days in the glistening beauty you deserve, contact Interlux Interiors today!

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