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Inspiration to Create a Luxurious Living Room

As a central room in your home where you might curl up by the fire with a good book, entertain friends and family, or snuggle under a warm sherpa throw to watch your favorite series, your living room should be flooded with elegant comfort blended with homely charm.

This is the primary space you show off to guests; therefore, your living room should reflect your taste and personality. Our Principal interior designer offers you an array of insider information to refine your living room design and sprinkle luxury throughout your space.

Infuse Serendipitous Patterns

One of the most powerful ways to upgrade your living room is to incorporate interesting textiles through items such as vintage carpets, area rugs, throw pillows, cushions, lampshades, and curtains. Searching vintage stores and antique malls, the hunt for these one-of-a-kind items an exciting design adventure.

When selecting a textile, ensure that it works in harmony with the overall color palette and feel of your interior design. While mixing patterns and textures can create a bold and energetic visual, utilizing one statement textile in an otherwise minimal room can be equally as effective at providing a taste of glam.

Utilizing one statement textile in an otherwise minimal space can provide a bold pop of glam.

Use Sculpture as a Structural Centerpiece

To add some luxurious flavor to your living room, decorate empty spots such as the coffee table or mantel with unexpected silhouettes and shapes. Instead of easily anticipated circular forms and straight lines, seek out items that have interesting structure, material, or other design qualities.

Shapes can possess a deep effect on the subconscious mind, so center your living room’s decor around this thought. When examining the existing elements of your living room, pay attention to the geometry of the space. If you notice primarily straight lines and square edges, try adding in organically curved sculptural pieces and vice versa.

There is no need to limit this concept to non-functional decorative elements. From rounded chairs and tiered, curved coffee tables to circular lighting pendants and globular planters, there are endless possibilities for beautiful function and form.

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Hide Electronics and Appliances

Close your eyes and think of a luxurious living you see a television?

Even the most minimal flatscreens are a waste of design space and aren’t the most sophisticated centerpiece to a space.

Fortunately, there are ways designers can camouflage your TV without having to completely remove it from the room. Mirrored doors and sliding wall coverings are clever methods for hiding unappealing electronics, but if you’re not bothered by an exposed TV, we can surround it with an art arrangement to help it blend in.

Camouflaging your TV with mirrored doors or a sliding wall covering can instantly upgrade the sophistication of your living room.

Play with Juxtaposition

Blending glass, wood, leather, metals, and a variety of textiles can help you achieve a more dynamic and sophisticated look in your living room.

Any room provides opportunities for mixing textures, colors, and shapes to create a unique ambiance within the space. When done with skill, combining various materials in the design elements can bring a new level of elegance and class to a space.

While thoughtfully layered textures can add luxury to your home, this must be done with a careful eye so that each piece complements one another. Otherwise, you risk your living room looking chaotic and visually overwhelming.

Do you like the idea of spicing up your space, but don’t know where to start? Contact our experienced interior designers to transform your home from bare bones to beautiful.

Decorate with Heirlooms

A one-of-a-kind antique material can add a spectacular mark of luxury to a space. A gorgeous, rare heirloom can possess a romantic patina that can’t be mimicked.

Larger living room accessories such as mirrors, statement lamps, and pots can add distinguished glamour, while smaller items like boxes, frames, and wall sconces prove beauty is in the details.

Stunning Simplicity

While heirlooms add exquisite charm and tone to a space, we don’t want your living area to feel overly-cluttered or over-accessorized. That’s far from glamorous. When decorating your space, simplify the design while showcasing a few statement pieces.

Remove any unnecessary items while emphasizing pieces with sentimental value. For a space that radiates luxury, keep things well-organized and simple.

Prioritize Good Lighting

Any luxury interior designer will tell you a well-designed space is only as impactful as its lighting. Lighting is responsible for creating the mood of a space, so upgrading your lighting with beautiful fixtures and clean candles can transform your space into a gem.

Choose a chandelier that makes an artistic statement and remove unwanted shadows with a shapely floor lamp, sconces by the (hidden) TV, and a unique antique lamp next to the sofa.

Create a Living Room That Breathes Life

A well-designed living room can make your days blissful and your nights an enchanting escape. You deserve a luxurious space that makes you feel at home and comforted.

We think you deserve the world! Great days start in great spaces, which is why we believe a beautiful home can elevate your life. Our internationally trained designers would be delighted to create your stunning living room. Contact InterLux Interiors today to speak with our design team.

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