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Throwback Barcelona field trip

arcelona, Spain 2004

Barcelona will always be one of the happiest places on earth for me. I consider myself an eternal student, always learning and exploring new styles and designs everywhere I go. Nowhere has been as insightful and inspiring as Barcelona.

I am a big fan of the works of Antoni Gaudi, and when I marveled at the Sagrada Familia in 2004, the reasons why I became an interior designer became fresh again. Standing in front of the imposing basilica minor I became inspired to create.

Spain was under North African Moorish control from 711 AD to 1492 AD. During this time many stylistic attributes from North Africa were imprinted on Spanish culture. Still to this day, many buildings, cathedrals, and structures are influenced by the Arabian culture. This collision of cultures makes for a beautifully unique design that is perfect for any home.

Standing in front of the Sagrada Familia your thoughts are conflicted. The Roman Catholic church seemingly has a gothic yet arabian design to it. The sights and feelings created by the Sagrada Familia are unlike anything you will experience ever. By studying the design elements of Antoni Gaudi, I have been able to recreate this style as an interior designer. I can't wait to re-visit Barcelona again, it's always be one of my happiest places on earth!

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