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Super Yachts

Miami, FL, February 2018

Super yachts are incredible pieces of technology. I was invited to this marvelous super yacht show in Miami, Florida to consult with the manufacturer over future projects. This adventure turned out to be a wonderful marketing opportunity as I was able to meet many potential clients who were interested in having their Superyacht professionally curated by an experienced Interior designer.

As I walked through the fleet of super yachts in Miami, Florida I was utterly impressed by the size and structure of these yachts. At APW we are truly up for any interior design task that needs to be done. How would it make you feel to own a Super Yacht that reflects your favorite designs and styles.

Well that is what I will be doing. As the Yachts are sold, I will be in charge of personally designing the interior according to each owners specific requests. This opportunity is incredible and APW is eternally thankful for the contract.

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