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Embracing Bespoke: Why Work Exclusively with a Luxury Interior Designer

When it comes to upgrading the interior design of your luxury home, the unique artistry and quality of your furniture should be a top priority. Your furnishings should directly reflect your lifestyle and personality as well as flow with the architecture of your home.

If you are designing your home without the help of a professional interior designer, the task of ordering customized pieces can be quite an intimidating process. From materials to proportion measurements, there are countless avenues to take when molding furnishings to your space. That’s why hiring an interior design service is an invaluable investment to create the most stunning dwelling for you and your family.

In this article, our world-renowned team at InterLux Interiors explains why bespoke customizations are the perfect additions for designing your home interior. We'll explore benefits of bespoke design such as:

  • Heightened Quality

  • Unique Design

  • Unmatched Function & Fit

  • Precise Color & Details

Bespoke Pieces Have Pristine Heightened Quality

When décor or furniture pieces are mass produced in a manufacturing facility to fill the floors of your favorite showrooms, the quality will inevitably suffer to keep up with the demand. If you want the highest quality mass-produced furniture, your only option will likely be to visit designer showrooms and pay the highest prices.

On the other hand, working with a custom furniture manufacturer will guarantee your specifications are met by the master craftsmen working on your pieces. The custom builders we collaborate with at InterLux Interiors source only the finest quality materials to create your custom-crafted furniture.

Whether you are designing a Carrara white marble coffee table or a Mahogany media console, you can rest assured that quality will be a top priority, and not an inch of the design will be neglected.

Custom Pieces Are Entirely Unique

While they say copying is the highest form of flattery, you want to create a home that is unparalleled in its distinctive beauty by any showroom or Architectural Digest article. Your new furniture will be completely one-of-a-kind to flow with your home.

The concept of bespoke design embraces the fact that every piece of architecture is completely unique and so is every person. Interior design should reflect those differences so that each space is elevated to a distinct piece of art.

When customizing a space, you’ll be able to choose from seemingly infinite textiles, stains, hardware, natural materials, patterns, shapes, styles, and more. You certainly won’t have to worry about seeing your sofa in your neighbor’s home.

Designing custom furniture provides the freedom to choose between endless textiles, stains, hardware, patterns, shapes, styles, and more.

Your vision fused with the help of your interior designer’s imagination will bring your uniquely designed space to life.

Bespoke Designs Are Unmatched in Function and Fit

The optimal functionality of custom pieces can not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your space, but it can also simply make your life easier.

Perhaps you have limited space and want to optimize your square footage to the best of your ability. Whatever your needs and requirements may be, handmade furniture that is the glass slipper fit for a nook or wall of a room can significantly elevate your home.

Do you live in a home or high-rise apartment with curved architecture? This may be another opportunity to create pieces that harmoniously flow with your home’s architecture.

Custom Décor and Furnishings Can Incorporate Precise Colors and Details

When designing your home interior, sticking to a color palette is crucial for creating a space that is clean, sophisticated, and elegant. There is no need to settle for one of the three fabrics finishes offered at the furniture store, when you have endless options at your disposal.

Although bespoke design may seem more complicated from the non-designer's perspective, it is actually highly efficient since you have so many more options for creating. Even if you buy a manufactured item, you can customize it to meet your unique needs, whether functional or aesthetic.

Completing the High-End Custom Style

Chic custom furniture doesn’t just look fantastic, it can take on serious function too.

When designing a custom abode complete with custom furniture, we can consider electrical and wiring needs. The room design can ensure each cord and cable has a place either in the furniture piece or in complimentary (equally stunning and functional) custom cabinetry.

Remember: in great interior design, everything has its designated spot and is perfectly curated whether on display or hidden away.

The Sky is the Limit with InterLux Interiors

When you work with our world-renowned designers at InterLux Interiors, you can feel confident knowing that anything you envision, we can accomplish. We always create with your unique space, vision, and personality at the center of our process. Additionally, our team is connected with the most skilled custom manufacturing partners who will craft anything you can imagine.

If you’re ready to design the perfect furniture pieces to seamlessly fit into an elevated home layout, contact our high-end interior designers today for a consultation.

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