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Indoor Forest: How to Grow Greenery Out of the Floor of Your Home

Live in awe of nature.

Stop and rest beneath a Magnolia tree on a hot and sunny day or inhale the rich oxygen offered by a hike through a forest, and you will be reminded of the healing powers of trees. If you've been keeping up with our recent articles on biophilia, you may be wondering what exactly is possible when it comes to bringing nature indoors.

If you catch yourself daydreaming about the mesmerizing indoor forests you've seen on Pinterest or in your favorite high-end design magazines, you may be wondering if it's possible to plant a tree in your own home. With great design (and care), it’s possible to create your very own indoor forest. Keep our guide in mind if you want to grow a tree right out of the floor of your home.


image by Yosuke Ohtake

A Living Statement

When designing the spaces in your home, consider what kind of impression you want to make. There are many ways to make a statement from an artistic sculpture to a dramatic chandelier, but few can compete with a breathing and evolving symbol of life.

While potted trees have lived indoors since ancient Rome and Egypt, mature trees rooted in the ground have previously only been common in tropical climates.

Whether you want to make a sacred statement or benefit from the healing properties of trees, there are several factors to consider in order for your indoor tree focal point to thrive.

In Japanese culture, trees are often considered sacred, and are therefore used as statement decor within an otherwise minimalist household.

The Benefits of Indoor Greenery

Your favorite house plants offer much more value than just being pretty decor. In addition to reducing stress levels, indoor plants can give these health benefits:

  • Sharpened attention

  • Faster recovery from illness

  • Improved productivity

  • Improved air quality

image by Sam Frost

Making the Design Happen

Choose the Right Tree

Some species of trees are simply too sensitive and vulnerable to changes in the environment to thrive indoors. The best suited species for your home will be influenced by the following conditions:

  • Humidity

  • Light

  • Airflow

  • Space

If you are determined to plant a tree within your home or construct around a pre-existing tree on the property, we suggest hiring a certified arborist to analyze your space and provide species recommendations.

The tree you choose can be used as a basis of inspiration for the other design elements of your home. A tropical palm might inspire the use of vibrant colors, while a Ficus may instill a sense of tranquility reflected in materials such as slate and neutral tones. We’ll balance nature and all of your senses throughout the interior design.

Provide Proper Drainage

The most important thing you need for your tree to grow indoors is adequate drainage. In order for water to drain away from the tree's roots, you must incorporate several inches of drainage material, such as clay pebbles, beneath the soil.

If standing water saturates the tree's roots for too long, it can lead to root rot. Whether you intend to carve a hole out of your home structure or install a raised bed, provide plenty of room with nutrient-dense soil for your selected tree’s roots to grow and drain. Trees need their space to thrive, just like people.

Ensure Adequate Lighting

The positioning and size of your windows will impact the species that will be best suited for your space. You may consider installing skylights that will allow your tree to reach for the sky.

If you don’t want your tree directly inside your space, you can talk to your designer & architect about developing an ‘interior courtyard’ with sliding glass walls that lead out to a private and intimate patio.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows will allow sunlight to flood into the space, feeding both your tree and your spirit.

Remember: if you have a tree in your home, watering it the right amount is crucial for its survival. You must ensure you water every part of the tree. Installing a system to mimic the rain with LED lighting above would look wonderful from your chaise lounge.

Enjoy the Fresh Look of an Indoor Jungle

Growing a tree in your home can provide an enchanting centerpiece to design around. As a living, breathing being, a tree will add unparalleled depth, movement, and energy to your personal environment.

If you're ready to take your space to the next level and create a natural indoor oasis, InterLux Interiors is ready to make your vision a reality. Contact our team of globally-renowned designers today.

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