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Interior Design Trends in Tampa

As a result of a major trend towards working from home, homeowners have begun transforming their homes into sanctuaries, far beyond being simple living spaces. If you've found yourself yearning for a change, rest assured, you're not alone.

Redefining the landscapes within our homes into havens we don’t want to leave will continue to be the agenda for 2024. Tampa Bay stands at the forefront of this change, seamlessly integrating modern elegance with the timeless allure of its coastal surroundings. In Tampa Bay, where coastal charm meets urban allure, homes are undergoing a transformation that mirrors the serene beauty of the surrounding landscape. As we navigate beyond the currents of 2023, homeowners are bidding adieu to traditional styles, embracing a fresh, coastal-transitional approach that redefines the very fabric of interior design.


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Amidst this design metamorphosis, practicality takes center stage. Commercial-grade fabrics, such as velvet, make a luxurious entrance into the everyday, rendering furniture virtually indestructible. No more fretting over a pristine living room – the modern homeowner seeks comfort without compromising on style.  With the expertise of our distinguished team and a wealth of experience in orchestrating opulent renovations, we, at Interlux Interiors, bring to you a curated list of Tampa Bay's trending high-end interior design changes. Elevate your home with innovations reflective of refined tastes, celebrating the evolving synergy between our homes and lives. Let this be a transformative journey within the walls we proudly call our own.

Interior Designs Trending in Tampa Bay

As we navigate the continually-evolving landscape of interior design in Tampa Bay, one thing emerges as the reigning star: desire for colors. In a departure from the monochrome dominance of grays and whites, this year heralds a return to warm tones inspired by nature. The pandemic-induced shift towards comfort and serenity has paved the way for a resurgence of vibrant hues and a renewed focus on bringing the outdoors in. Let's delve into the specifics of what's in demand, from the color palette to furniture choices, creating homes that epitomize both opulence and practicality.

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1.  Color Reverie: Demands for Nature's Palette

A sweeping demand for nature's embrace is evident as Tampa Bay homeowners veer away from traditional, heavily ornamented styles. Greens and blues are dominating the color palette, inspired by the soothing hues of the sea. Demand has surged for shades from olive to evergreen, bringing the serenity of nature indoors. Homeowners are craving spaces that reflect a coastal-transitional style, where creams, greens, blues, and linen reign supreme.

2. Opulent Comfort: Demand for Luxurious, Indestructible Furnishings

Comfort and durability take center stage as homeowners seek pieces that withstand the test of time. There's a surge in demand for commercial-grade fabrics like velvet, transforming furniture into virtually indestructible pieces. Clients are vocal about their desire for opulence without compromising on ease of maintenance. The days of worry over delicate furniture are over; instead, homeowners demand pieces that exude luxury yet are effortlessly manageable.

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3. Kitchen Couture: Transitional and Ultra-Modern Demands

In the heart of homes, the demands are diverse but resounding. About half of Tampa clients seek the timeless elegance of transitional kitchens, characterized by shaker-style cabinets and light finishes. The other half embraces the avant-garde, demanding ultra-modern designs with sleek finishes and minimal hardware. There's an unmistakable demand for warmth, with natural tones like walnut and white oak staging a comeback, signaling a shift from the cool, crisp colors of recent years.

4. Spa-Like Sanctuaries: Demands Shaping Bathrooms

Bathrooms undergo a metamorphosis driven by demands for spa-like luxury. Homeowners eschew bath-shower combos in favor of digitally controlled, free-standing tubs, transforming bathrooms into works of art. Demand for mirrors with integrated LED lights has surged, creating a natural daylight effect. The overall demand in the realm of bathrooms is for designs that exude modern luxury yet stand the test of time.

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5. Eco-Conscious Living: Sustainable Material Demands

As environmental consciousness grows, there's a discernible demand for sustainable materials. Bamboo has emerged as a hot favorite, meeting the demand for hard, versatile, and eco-friendly options. From flooring to furniture, homeowners are expressing a desire to incorporate materials that align with their values of sustainability. The demand for a luxurious aesthetic paired with environmentally conscious choices is steering design trends in Tampa Bay.

6. Colorful Resurgence: Demands Beyond Neutrals

The demand for color revival is reverberating through Tampa Bay homes, breaking free from the neutral monotony of the past. Clients are expressing a strong desire to infuse vibrant hues into their living spaces, fueled by the influence of photo-centric platforms like Instagram. Blues, ranging from serene tones to deep shades, dominate, with brown making a stylish entrance through brass accents. The demand is clear – homes should be lively, dynamic, and a reflection of personal style.

7. Practical Luxury: Demands for Comfortable, Functional Designs

The demand for practical luxury is shaping interiors, with clients seeking designs that simplify and enhance their living spaces. Mid-century designs make way for furniture that combines aesthetics with comfort. Demands have soared for home gyms, saunas, and cozy corners, reflecting a desire for spaces that prioritize well-being. Clients no longer seek fuss in design but rather an environment that makes them feel comfortable yet luxurious within their own homes.

8. Personalized Opulence: Mixing Styles and Breaking Trends

The demand for personalized luxury is challenging the notion of following trends blindly. Homeowners are expressing a desire to mix and match styles, creating spaces that resonate with their individual tastes. The demand is for freedom from design constraints, allowing personal preferences to dictate choices. Whether it's blending furniture from different eras or making bold color choices, clients want homes that reflect their unique personalities.

Tampa's Housing Renaissance: A Design Opportunity Beckons

Amidst the dynamic shifts in Tampa's housing market, the city is experiencing a remarkable resurgence. The aftermath of the late-2000s housing bubble left Florida reeling, but recent years have seen a substantial recovery. The pandemic acted as a catalyst, fueling increased home construction and buying activity in 2021, 2022, and 2023.


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Delving into the specifics, a closer look at Redfin data unveils a nuanced picture. The broader Tampa metro area is currently undergoing a market correction, as reflected in a modest 0.9% rise in median sale prices from $376,700 (August 2022) to $379,990 (August 2023). However, the city of Tampa itself stands out as a beacon of a thriving market, experiencing a substantial 19.7% surge in median sale prices from $380,000 to $455,000 during the same period. While some cities in the greater Tampa area experienced declines in home prices, the overall trend indicates a resilient market. 

Amidst this competitive real estate landscape characterized by lower inventory levels, the suburbs near Tampa tell a tale of their own. Notably, the decline in housing inventory for the Tampa metro area, coupled with a decrease in active listings with price drops, paints a picture of a resilient and growing market. 


In such an opportune moment, where the real estate market is both dynamic and evolving, homeowners are well-positioned to amplify the value of their properties. Considering professional interior redesign services becomes not just a choice but a strategic move to enhance and align homes with the unfolding narrative of Tampa's real estate renaissance.

A Dual Surge in Real Estate and Renovations

As the Tampa real estate market experiences unprecedented growth, a parallel boom is reshaping the city's homes through extensive renovations and remodeling. According to a report by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, the national expenditure on home enhancements reached $567 billion in 2022, with an anticipated $580 billion in 2023. Tampa stands out in this surge, with $4.7 billion spent in 2021 alone on upgrading homes. 


The remodeling trend is fueled by a myriad of factors, including the soaring property values that make renovation a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new homes. In Tampa, over 77,000 homeowners pursued permits for improvement projects, encompassing both do-it-yourself initiatives and professional undertakings. The intricate process of historic restoration, exemplified by multiple projects, adds a unique layer to the remodeling landscape. Amidst this surge, the Harvard Housing Report underscores the aging housing stock nationally, emphasizing the critical need for renovations and maintenance. A subtle consideration arises: entrusting these transformative projects to skilled professionals ensures not only enhanced aesthetics but a seamless fusion of old charm and modern comfort. Beyond the numbers, this dual surge in real estate and renovations provides an opportunity for families to create lasting memories and contribute to the community's growth.

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InterLux Interiors: Your Go-To Interior Design Firm in Tampa

As Tampa's real estate and remodeling boom continues, Interlux Interiors, under the visionary leadership of Angie Wetzel, offers more than just interior design; it presents a gateway to transforming homeowners' dreams into tangible realities. Beyond trends and statistics, Interlux is dedicated to transforming residences into personalized havens. Angie's poetic approach to design creates a unique blend of form and emotion, ensuring every project, from high-end residences to commercial spaces, is a testament to individuality. 

With over 20 years of international recognition, Angie's unique design philosophy, akin to "Invisible Design," transcends mere aesthetics to craft spaces that evoke profound emotions. Whether homeowners seek to create their dream abode or maximize property value for profit, Interlux and founder Angie Wetzel navigate each project with personalized precision. As Angie believes, "It's not just about visual aesthetics, but about how the space makes you feel—a journey we embark on together."

About the Author

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Angie Wetzel is an esteemed Interior Designer renowned for her exceptional work and distinguished academic background from London. With over 20 years of experience across the globe, Angie has solidified her expertise in the field. As an esteemed allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for creating beautiful, sustainable spaces. Angie's commitment to enhancing the world's aesthetics while promoting environmentally-friendly practices is truly commendable. Her expertise and dedication make her a shining star in the realm of Interior Design.

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