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The Ultimate Guide to Designing a High-Rise Apartment

In the luxury real estate market of major cities such as New York City, Miami, and Tampa, high-rise apartments are hotter than ever. From unbeatable amenities to on-top-of-the-world views, a beautiful high-rise home is a dream come true for those with a fast-paced and energetic lifestyle.

However, without the right interior design, a high-rise condo can easily feel stuffy and sterile. That’s why our luxury interior design experts at InterLux Interiors have put together a guide for decorating your high-rise space in a way that keeps it feeling homey and cozy.


Architectural Challenges of High-Rise Design

Designing the interior of a high-rise apartment is an incredibly exciting endeavor, but it can come with its challenges. Keep these factors in mind when creating your space:

All Windows, No Walls

Many luxury high-rise buildings, such as the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Tampa, Florida, have curved architecture that exudes a sleek sophistication. However, this can simultaneously be an interior design challenge. Curved or even straight floor-to-ceiling windows take up significant wall space, and the goal is to optimize both the skyline view and any natural lighting as well as other home features, such as the television, bookcases, or artwork.

In most cases, chic and modern is our favorite path to take. Make sure to emphasize the focal point by positioning the couch towards the windows. That way, there are no distractions from the main event of the show: the view!

Your stunning apartment doesn’t need any noisy fillers taking away from the pure elegance of the space. The old saying stands strong – less is more. Keep things decluttered by installing custom floor-to-ceiling cabinets against the walls of the space.

Anchoring the Space

Looking out of your high-rise windows can make you feel on top of the world. By thoughtfully placing low furniture such as chairs or side tables, you can create the illusion of an anchor to the room. Be mindful not to select tall furniture, as it could obstruct the view.

Challenging Access

When you’re 15 stories up (or more), it can be difficult to haul large furniture up into your space. You may have to book the freight elevator instead of using the passenger elevator in order to safely move your belongings in.

InterLux Interiors is connected with the best team to make your high-rise design project as seamless and safe as possible. Contact our Tampa interior designers for a consultation.

Ways to Further Elevate Your High-Rise Space

With the help of highly chic interior design, you can keep your space from feeling too cold and stark. Keep reading to be inspired by our favorite tips:

1. Incorporate Unique Design Accessories

A skyline view is an extraordinary part of living in a high-rise apartment, but this feature needs décor to match the big-city energy! Seemingly small details can have a huge impact on the overall feel of your space.

Consider stylish paneled ceiling beams, a vintage Moroccan rug, or a large abstract wall art piece. These features elevate your home environment without feeling ostentatious.

These kinds of design details will give your space depth and sophistication, making your high-rise a home. We suggest leaning into clean lines and statement pieces.

If you are looking for the perfect additions to your city apartment, our Sourcing and Procurement services at InterLux Interiors is for you. Contact our team of high-end designers today.

2. Create a Breath of Fresh Air with Greenery

When surrounded by the industrial energy of a city skyline, it’s essential that you create balance by bringing in elements of nature. Tropical accents, such as fresh greenery and indoor plants will add warmth to your space. Plus, it will keep your air clean, which can be hard to come by beneath the environmental pollution of urban living.

Whether you bring in a potted tree or simple flowers in a vase, greenery will enliven your space and make it more comforting for you and your guests.

3. Define the “Rooms” of Your Open Space

Many high-rise apartments have open floor plans in which the kitchen, living room, and dining area all flow as one. By strategically placing different rugs, you can break up the hundreds of square feet into smaller “rooms.”

Especially when the building is the shape of an elliptical, which is often the case with luxury high-rise apartments, rugs can create lines for the furniture to follow. That way, an L-shaped sofa doesn’t feel out of place against a curved wall.

4. Utilize Natural Elements

Like greenery can bring life into your home in the clouds, so can the use of other natural materials. Many urban interiors celebrate wood and stone rather than metals. Furniture with a more tropical vibe, such as rattan tables and shelves with bold lines and curves can provide a modern, yet cozy feel.

5. Work with a Monochromatic Color Scheme

Using a monochromatic color scheme will help create an inviting space while avoiding a clash with the cityscape. By focusing on high-quality pieces that seamlessly blend together, you allow the view to shine through.

Luxury Living in the Clouds

If you crave the luxe life, a high-rise apartment with globally renowned interior designers on your side will elevate your lifestyle – literally. Our team of hands-on interior design experts will bring you comfort and sophistication that you won’t find anywhere else. Besides – why stay on the ground when you can dream in the clouds?

Book your consultation with our designers today to live in luxury tomorrow.

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