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Paradise Calling

Phuket, Thailand

In February of 2018 I was invited to Phuket, Thailand to visit a friend and see his newly purchased villa. A friendly visit quickly turned into a mind blowing interior design task. The property, location, and surroundings are absolutely stunning. From the beginning, I knew that the design and style would also have to be equally breathtaking.

Living surrounded by nature gives you the unique advantage of being able to blend into the surroundings to create a seamless transition into the adjacent rainforest. We decided to plant lavender roses and hanging plants upon the balconies to create a natural flow that blended in with the surrounding rainforest.

My friend and client is a big fan of nature. So, for this design we wanted to keep the feeling of being surrounded by nature anywhere on the property while also maintaining modern luxuries. A nature inspired home can be the stuff that dreams are made of. Creating seamless personal spaces that blend with nature are one of my favorite types of projects to work on. By the end of this project, the Villa became a true masterpiece of design and luxury. We created a true slice of heaven that any nature lover would be amazed by.

This was more of an adventure than a job. The beautiful surroundings and views made it a spectacular task to complete.The combination of raw nature and highly luxurious amenities made this Villa a destination worthy of a five diamond award.

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