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Spanish dream

Majorca, Ibiza, Formentara

Spain is truly a dream for any interior designer. Here, I closely studied the architecture and design elements that are critical to high Spanish style. What makes a Spanish home so beautiful is the combination of European and Mediterranean culture combined into one distinct marvelous design. The Mediterranean waters off Spanish shores offer the perfect clash of cultures from both the Mediterranean, North Africa and Europe.

The rich red Terracotta and sandy browns which play off a vibrant Mediterranean color scheme make for the perfect color palette for any home. You will feel like true Spanish royalty when you come home to your beautiful wrought iron chandeliers and candle holders which give your space that glamorous Castilian atmosphere.

How would it make you feel to have a professional interior designer model your space after an ancient rustic villa with modern luxuries. Spanish design creates the feeling of earthy openness with a solid sense of family. Using the influence of APW Interior Design, Spanish decor will be achievable in your own home. On this trip, I dove head first into the most famous Spanish design elements that everyone loves. As you can tell from my journey I walked closely among the elite’s of Spain to discover how they lived and decorated their homes. If you want to live like a Spanish Royal, then you need a designer who has walked among the upper class of Spain’s Citizens. My travel has brought inside the inner circle of the Spanish elite and now I am here to bring that style into your home!

Nothing would make APW Interior Design more happier than to design and decorate your dream Spanish villa. Allow us into your home and you will be blown away by its transformation.

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