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Lisbon Sky

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal is one of the most fantastic and magical cities all throughout Europe. When you visit Lisbon you will feel as if you were in a city of ancient history and modern technology. In 2010, I had the pleasure of visiting Lisbon, Portugal. This capital coastal city is truly a spectacular relic of a magical not so distant past. Portugal has a really unique take on design. It's ancient history plays a role in the exterior design of buildings. However in Portugal, interiors have adopted a contemporary minimalist design. If you are a fan of designers like Francisco Capello and Antonio Sena de Silva, then you will love a home designed in the Portuguese modern style. While traveling to Portugal, I admired many scenes and sites that were truly breathtaking. The Portuguese take on modern design is truly worldly and it's something that can be appreciated on a global level.

Here in Lisbon, I had a chance to visit the Lisbon museum of design and was astonished by the works. I have learned to always be a student of design wherever I am. Traveling through the Museum of design provided me a great platform to study on how to bring Portuguese design into the home. A central aspect of Portuguese design is open spaces with lots of natural light. Following along the minimalist spectrum means that emmuating Portuguese design includes includes a crisp and clean functional layout that gives you the feeling of youth. If you ever have a chance to make it to Lisbon a highly recommend it. If you check out the Lisbon Museum of design you will truly be inspired.



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