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The Beach

Phi Phi, Krabi, Thailand

One thing's for sure Krabi, Thailand is not to shabby. For many years Krabi, Thailand has been a major destination within this Southeast Asian country. The famous movie, “The Beach”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio has turned this small Oceanside city into a world renowned tourist hub. This beautiful destination has given me so much inspiration over the years. As an interior designer, and world traveler, it is deeply sorrowing that this location has been permanently closed by the Thai government due to extensive environmental damage caused by tourists.

The time that I spent in Krabi, Thailand was incredibly inspiring and I will never forget it. The sheer vertical faced cliffs and mountains covered in spotted greenery offers endless ideas for indoor greenery. This look can be re-created with indoor hanging green walls or preserved moss walls that bring the look of the beautifully wild untamed jungle into your home

When surrounded with so much natural beauty in your home, you will be inspired to create greatness. Bringing the raw power of the jungle that Krabi, Thailand provides into your interior design will extend your life and bring along pleasant energy into your home. Working with an experienced interior designer gives you the option to always feel like you’re on vacation. How would it make you feel to come back to a home that reminds you of a spectacular jungle trek or coastal boat ride? No matter where you are in the world, unique and innovative interior design can convert your home into your personal Krabi, Thailand.

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