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SL 88

Viareggio, Italy

Today’s modern Super yachts are equivalent to the European manor houses of the past. Everything from social gatherings to business deals and beyond happens aboard these majestic ocean-faring vessels. It was truly one of the greatest pleasures of my life to be able to work alongside one of the world's best yachts designers San Lorenzo,

Italy. The feeling of eloquence exquisiteness, and luxury is truly overwhelming. There is a new trend developing within the interior design industry. Many shipbuilders are taking a more innovative, unconventional approach to superyacht design integrated with the best of the best luxuries.

Together, alongside the famous yacht builder, we created one of the most luxurious super yachts with an unconventional taste to it. Although the process was long, it was filled with discovery and accomplishment. Designing the interior of super yachts is a big part of what my job is. During the whole project I felt completely at home and in my element. There is nothing that I enjoy more than designing the masterful and stylish look of a high class super yacht.

This ended up being the ultimate dream job that I had always try to land. My passion as a designer was enhanced, and further cultivated by my time working in San Lorenzo, Italy. Working on this project taught me that the finer details are really what make a project blossom. Everything from the bathroom floor trim to the ambient noise of navigational equipment was taken into consideration. If you too would like your project to contain intense detail, quality labor, and fabulous design, then you’re in the right place.

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