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Surfing Trip

Sydney, Australia

When I want to learn the style and culture of a country, I visit. Not as a tourist, but as a design student. I immerse myself into the culture to see the country as a resident would. When traveling to Sydney Australia, I dove right into the coastal, beach life of the Sydney Australians. Here, I discovered that Australia is leading the way when it comes to imaginative interior design for the home.

Soft greens, and open spaces dominate the decor of Sydney’s residents. Being in close proximity to the ocean and desert gives Sydney residents multiple inspirations to draw design from. However, the most prominent style is contemporary decor with a hint of modernism. Large windows and open spaces with a hint of soft green and white give you a fresh and calm tranquility.

The beaches of Sydney are home to a variety of tall grasses that blow with the wind. These species make great house decorations to create the feel of having that house on the meadow. While in Sydney, I discovered the power of nature and how it can greatly add value to the decor of a home. Utilizing species like the Pampas grass of New South Wales can add to any homes natural appeal.

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