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2023 Trend Spotlight: ‘Comfortcore’ Luxury Interiors

As we shift into a new year, designers are predicting trends that will reign supreme through 2023. After the many peaks and valleys of the past few years, it’s clear that one key component endures as a non-negotiable desire for homeowners and business owners alike: comfort.

With furnishings that cocoon you in their organic forms and dreamy textures combined with eclectic pieces that speak to the user’s spirit, ‘comfortcore’ will offer refreshment and consolation to all of those who embrace its essence in their interiors.

In this Design Journal, we explore why a comforting environment is essential for your well-being and how to bring comfortcore into your own home or work environment. It’s not just a trend... it’s a timeless lifestyle.

Credit: MAT Architects

Finding Quiet in a World Ruled by Noise

The concept of creating comfort in the home is nothing new. Designers and decorators alike have always sought out ways to bring peace into our man-made environments, but in many cases, comfort has been an afterthought of aesthetics.

The phrase “beauty is pain” loses its lacquer when it comes to interiors, especially in 2023. After the collective trauma the world experienced from our pandemic days, it's understandable that people need to feel safe and good. The global community, now more than ever in our generation, needs décor that evokes emotional responses of joy and tranquility.

Comfort is a top priority for the home, according to a recent consumer survey. The term ‘comfortcore’ was coined to describe not just an aesthetic, but a lifestyle.

By creating environments that promote health and stress management, we can more easily support our everyday routines to optimize for personal and professional success.

Credit: LuxuryDefined by Christie's International Real Estate

Creating Peace in Personal and Professional Settings

Interior design has a critical role to play in promoting mental health and wellness. Whether it's a home or a business, the environment we inhabit has an immense impact on how comfortable, productive, and relaxed we feel.

For any business, investing in thoughtful interior design for the health of employees is essential. Design elements can help reduce stress levels while increasing work productivity.

Thoughtful design elements include:

  • Calming colors

  • Ergonomic furniture

  • Natural lighting

Your employees will feel energized to show up each day to perform their best because they feel cared for.

If clients visit you at your place of work, this is all the more reason to prioritize comfort in your interior design. Doing so will help develop a sense of trust and safety within your clients, subtly influencing them to work with you and refer your business.

In homes, quality design makes all the difference in creating an oasis of solace that helps reduce stress levels at the end of each day. Plus, many individuals now have the option to work from home, so investing in beautiful home office space is important for successful work days.

Comfort is Unique to Each Individual

Soft textures, feminine shapes, organic imagery, and grounding color palettes reign in settings where comfort is the top priority, which, in the opinion of our luxury interior designers, should be everywhere.

However, while some may feel more soothed in the presence of cocooning forms and delicate tones, others may thrive off of dopamine hits of bold pops of color.

One person may love minimalist efficiency while another may love the concept of hidden nooks and crannies with eclectic artwork around each corner.

When it comes to comfort, it’s important to get in touch with what makes each individual tick.

Ready to welcome peace into all areas of your life? Reach out to our interior design experts to start the process of designing your dream home or office.

Our Favorite Ways to Infuse a Design with Comfort

From choosing the perfect color palette to selecting stylish yet comfortable furnishings, there are many ways to transform any space into one that promotes mental well-being and relaxation. At InterLux Interiors, we get to know every client on a deeply personal level to understand what sparks joy for them.

Here are three impactful methods we use to create beautifully comforting environments.

1. Connection to the Outdoors

Creating seamless transitions between the interior and exterior of a space evokes harmony and unification with the healing properties of nature. Homeowners and businesses can experience all the therapeutic benefits of being connected to nature as they go about their daily routines.

Additionally, bringing elements of nature into a space adds visual appeal while reducing stress levels. In this Pacific Avenue home, our clients wanted an area of the home where the view of the trees and water was the focal point.

2. A Space for Self-Care

Taking the time to create a personalized, private sanctuary allows us to indulge our minds, bodies, and spirits with restorative activities such as yoga, meditation or simply taking a nap. There are plenty of opportunities to get creative in either your home or corporate office. Consider including:

2. Invigorating Artwork

Unique artwork is one of the most compelling ways to add personality to any room.

Artwork has the power to soothe and evoke a wide range of emotions from nostalgia and wonder to peace or solace.

Art sourcing and procurement is one of our favorite parts of the job at InterLux Interiors. We will always go above and beyond to find the perfect piece for a specific client in a given space.

Create Comfort with InterLux Interiors

Creating comfort within our everyday environments is a major key to reducing stress, boosting inspiration, energizing, and creating peaceful moments in everyday life. By finding what speaks to your personal aesthetic with the help of our designers, you can live more harmoniously.

The best way to achieve this feeling of comfort within your home is by using materials with the highest quality standards. Our seasoned experts take each step of the design process very seriously, but sourcing the best goods for your space is at the heart of what we do.

Make comfort a lifestyle with InterLux Interiors. Reach out today to inquire about your next design project.

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