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Unconventional Ways to Use Wallpaper

When redesigning your home, there are many ways to switch up your space besides furniture and paint colors. The beautiful thing about interior design is that there are no limitations to how you can express yourself. For instance, wallpaper is a fun tool to add texture or a pop of color to a space.

Maybe you crave a clean and minimal home with a subtle textural pop in the reading nook or perhaps you are envisioning a refined yet eclectic, 70s-inspired statement. Either way, get inspired by our high-end designers at InterLux Interiors, who provide tips on unconventional ways to use wallpaper.

Why Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is an excellent resource as it gives you the ability to customize your entire home with a sleek finish. It can even be used as a way of tying completely different rooms together. You can also complete unique DIY projects with furniture pieces.

Here, we cover our favorite ways to use wallpaper throughout the home.

No. 1 - Look Up on the Ceiling

Although its name might imply it, there are no rules saying you have to use wallpaper on the walls. In rooms with high or angled ceilings, keeping the walls clean and simple but adding an interesting texture or tone to the ceiling can bring a sense of playfulness to the space.

Those who are up for the adventure may want to use a vibrant and bold color or even pattern on the ceiling. Be mindful when using wallpaper on the ceiling in a small room, as busy patterns may feel overwhelming and uncomfortable.

No. 2 - Refined Canvases and Frames

You’ll likely have leftover wallpaper scraps to work with, so why not cover a large canvas to hang and blend the wallpaper seamlessly into your home? You can leave the canvas unframed to keep things simple or incorporate something more ornate such as a gold frame.

Reuse your wallpaper scraps for artwork and carry the pattern throughout your home!

Image Courtesy of One Broads Journey

No. 3 - Lined Shelves

If you want to incorporate wallpaper, but don’t want it to overwhelm your space, a creative option is to wallpaper your shelves. Envision:

  • Book Shelves

  • China Cabinets

  • Media Centers

  • Plant Shelves

If you are incorporating any shelves into the design of your space, simply line the back of each shelf with your selected wallpaper before filling them with books and décor. Make each shelf the same color, or switch it up with a multi-colored splash.

Do you have a vision but need help locating the pieces that you resonate with? Our sourcing and procurement team will help you track down the most exclusive artwork, furniture pieces, décor, and - of course – wallpaper. Contact us today!

No. 4 - Whimsical Cutouts & Shapes

Although wallpaper is traditionally applied to an entire wall, you can cut out shapes that blend with your style. Cut out more organic shapes with curved edges to flow with a Biophilic room. Geometric lines and symmetry will look fantastic in an Art Deco space. In a children’s room, consider creating fun shapes such as flowers or stars. Even giant polka dots would add a whimsical flavor to the room.

No. 5 - Practical Storage & Décor

Wallpaper can be a sneaky way to blend the less fashionable, more practical parts of your home into the rest of your space. No opportunities to level-up your space have to go untouched! Cover various items such as:

  • Storage Boxes

  • File Cabinets

  • Dresser Drawer Lining

  • Cabinet Lining

You can even use wallpaper to outline decorative pieces in your home such as a ‘frame’ around a hanging mirror or your bed.

No. 6 - On the Front of Your Steps

Easily transform your main staircase with this simple, elegant (and stunningly eye-catching) upgrade. Choose your texture, whether classy, eclectic, minimal, or biophilic, and apply it to the front of your main staircase. Some prints that could enliven your main staircase:

  • Ferns or Leaves

  • Marble

  • Bold, geometric patterns

  • Your Favorite Color(s) or an ombre effect

No. 7 - Updated Furniture

Why stop at the walls? Wallpaper is a fantastic way to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture. You can create an accent piece that upgrades the overall feeling of a room. Pieces that you can possibly cover with wallpaper to give them new life in your redecorated space include:

  • Old Stools

  • A Wooden Chair

  • Top of a Dresser or Side Table

  • Headboard

  • Old Media Console

As mentioned before, you can even use a wallpaper decal as a headboard itself.

No. 8 - Tiny Accents

We believe true sophistication is in the details. Use every tiny inch of space as an opportunity to express yourself.

Consider applying wallpaper around your light switch. You could also line details in the bedroom or bathroom or maybe as a trim at the ceiling or around the doors. The options are only as limited as your imagination!

Give Your Space New Life with the InterLux Creative Flair

If you think outside the box and aren’t afraid to experiment, you can create something incredibly unique and stylish to set your house apart from any other. InterLux Interiors will connect you with high-quality, personally curated wallpaper to style your home however your heart desires.

Wallpaper is the perfect design feature to make a statement, whether you are applying it traditionally wall-to-wall or are using it in unconventional ways.

InterLux Interiors will help you make design decisions that will bring out the beauty in your space and help you feel safe and comfortable. Contact our expert luxury design team today!

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